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Since 1977 - Trademarked since 1981
History of The Energy Doctor™

"There is little new Under the Sun."

As for the name The Energy Doctor™, it has a history.

In the mid to late 1970’s, I was an avid reader on energy and transportation issues. These issues fascinated me and resulted in a number of actions and decisions I acted on over the next thirty plus years.

In early 1974, I began a bus line in Phoenix, The BugLine, which helped to change the way public transit operated in Phoenix and Maricopa County Arizona.

Our goals at that time as a college student were to change prevailing thoughts about how public transportation would be delivered.

I was young, ignorant, arrogant and felt unstoppable.

I think we helped move the public transportation issues forward a little. How much impact we had would take a lot more time and effort to see.

In 1975 and 76, I read everything I could on Solar Energy which included passive solar, thermal technologies and Photovoltaics (PV).

It was enough that even though I had a non-technical background, I took my first solar class in 1977, ASU School of Architecture,  under John Yellott, the father of solar in the USA.

That year I had done a little consulting in northern Arizona and half-jokingly called myself The Energy Doctor™.

In 1978 it seemed only inevitable that I would learn all there was to know about energy and be a key part of solving the world’s problems.

Boy, did I have things wrong!

The learning never ends and I wish there was more time in the day to increase my ongoing solar education.

Dr. Michael Boyle was the department head for the Planning Department, Master of Environmental Planning (MEP) program in the Graduate College of Architecture at Arizona State University. I went to see him about entering the Master of Environmental Planning program, which was mostly a solar energy program at that time.

Grad school may have not stripped away the ego and attitude completely, but it did put me in touch with my own mortality. I survived my Master of Science in Architecture program only because of the support I received from other students, from the head of the solar program, Mike Boyle, plus that wonderful quality of being “too stupid to give up”.

Somewhere between the time I entered the program and graduation, someone perpetuated the name and continued to refer to me as The Energy Doctor™ and the name stuck.

From 1978 to 1981 I worked for a number of PV companies. They were often over financed, over marketed, under skilled and trained which was a sign of the times. Learning about the solar technologies back then was not an easy process with very few resources avilabel back then. None of those companies survives that solar bust in 1983.

It was in 1981 when I went into business full time for myself that I trademarked The Energy Doctor™ name. It was that same week that I began writing articles for the Red Rock News in Sedona using the name. It was not long before my column was found in three other small north central Arizona Newspapers.

No, I never saved the world. Never will!

Improvement when you can influence it or get it is an incremental process.
However, I think by telling the stories about what I had learned in Grad School, a number of people made subtle changes in the way they looked at energy and how they used it. If this site can just shift the paradigm a little, it will all be worthwhile.

This website is the next step in looking at energy and energy issues three decades later. Hopefully with the information we are gathering and presenting here, it will help others learn from my hard work and many mistakes.

This is an attempt at continuing the consulting and educational process and with the result of moving our country and our world forward one step at a time.

You see, in grad school, 90% of what I learned was 200 years or older. And by the way, at least 75% was 2000 years old or older.

Since the 1970’s under the name The Energy Doctor™, we have been consulting on:

  • Energy Conservation in Building Systems (residential and commercial)
  • Solar design (Passive, thermal and PV) and system installation
  • Small wind power systems
  • Small hydro
  • Fuel Cells
  • Energy Policy

Over the last few years, The Energy Doctor™ consulting has focused primarily on PV system design, installation, maintenance and support.

The Energy Doctor™ website has been changed to reflect an educational tone which is important to the PV industry. For consulting services, please visit:

Indeed, "There is little new under the sun!"