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“What you don’t know and understand about solar will seriously affect your future!” John R. Balfour

The Energy Doctor™ has been actively educating and consulting in a broad range of Solar and Renewable Technologies and energy conservation since 1977.

Begun by John R. Balfour MEP, Ph.D., LEED Accredited Professional, The Energy Doctor™ has consulted with Builders, Developers, Manufactures, Municipalities, businesses and home owners for three decades. His first environmental article was published in 1968 and he continues to speak, write about and challenges the myths and assumptions about PV, solar in general and renewable issues.

Today, The Energy Doctor™ website is being developed as a Photovoltaic Systems information source for Commercial, Industrial and Residential Solar Electric, PV systems and technology designers, installers, owners, planners and investors who are serious about the PV industry’s future.