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Two must read E-books on PV available for a limited time at no Charge:

The 12 Questions You Absolutely Need to Answer Before You Buy A
Solar Electric System!
by John R. Balfour, 2005-2010
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If you are considering spending the money for a Solar Electric PV system, this book is for you. These 12 questions may be the difference between making the right decision and a very expensive wrong one. Whether considering a residential, commercial or industrial PV system, The 12 Questions will assist you in asking the right questions and understanding if the company’s you are talking to have a clue about what they are doing.

The Book is written by John R. Balfour, The Energy Doctor, since 1977. It will give you the tools to make solid PV buying decisions.

Outback for Dummies: The PV System Owners Handbook: Basic Systems Operations Manual For Your New Solar Outback Electric Power (PV) System by John R. Balfour and Ryan Mayfield, 2003, 2006 and 2010
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If you have bought or are considering buying an Outback Power PV system, there are some things you should know that will make your life easier and more comfortable. With a theme of “Don’t Panic”, this E-book covers preventive maintenance and the information on how your system works and how to keep it working for a long time. Written by John R. Balfour MEP, Ph.D., LEED AP, and owner of Outback Inverter number 2, and Ryan Mayfield, this book covers the basics and will get you through all of the normal system issues without breaking a sweat.

Additional E-books on PV available:

The Energy Doctor’s High Performance PV Systems Handbook by John R. Balfour, 2009
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This is the precursor to Dr. Balfour’s next book that provides and outlines what to consider when designing and installing high performance PV systems

The Energy Doctor's 36 Criteria Groups Essential to PV Design and Performance by
John R. Balfour, AVAILABLE in 2012

Educational PV Series for undergraduates and Technicians:

The Art and Science Of Photovoltaic Technology Textbook Series:
This series supports an undergraduate curriculum for students, managers, professionals and others who are involved in the PV industry and markets or are educating themselves in preparation to do so.

This series introduces those interested about PV, its technology and application while addressing National Electrical Code issues and the additional steps necessary to design, install and maintain high performance PV systems that produce more energy and a lower cost.

  1. Book One:    Intro to Solar Energy Technology
  2. Book Two,    PV System Design 1
  3. Book Three, PV System Installation 1
  4. Book Four,   PV System Design 2
  5. Book Five,    PV System Installation 2
  6. Book Six,      PV Certification Prep for NABCEP